ONE author, ONE hero, ONE story. Though the Bible includes many different authors and books, it has ONE big message: God's mission to rescue His people through Jesus. BECOMING: Story dives deep into the "metanarrative" -- or big story -- of Scripture and explores the kingdom themes God has woven into His Story and ours.



BECOMING: Story is an in-depth look at the overarching storyline of Scripture. Readers will discover twelve kingdom themes that God has woven through the bible from Genesis to Revelation and through our own lives.  Weekly readings and reflections are included, along with discussion questions at the end of each essay. If participating in a group, each member will need one copy of BECOMING: Story and a Bible.

This study option allows ample time for intentional discussion within the group and is a great option for those interested in diving deep with their community.

what our readers say

"I've been working through [BECOMING: Story] with a young woman I'm discipling. It's been wonderful for her... she's learned so much in a very short time... pieces of scripture coming together that never have before."